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Core Values

See what drives our employees and promotes excellence and success in all we do.

Passion: Passion drives us.

We are inspired because we believe in what we are doing and where we are going. We are committed to our mission because we are helping children succeed. This drives our daily work.

We value passion, perseverance, resourcefulness, and curiosity.

Innovation: We celebrate the innovator inside.

We have grown from one amazing entrepreneur to a team of many. Harnessing the history that got us where we are today, we are fueled by the independence, creativity, and innovative spirit of each team member. We believe that if you are not moving forward, you are moving backward.

This is an idea-generating environment, and one in which people reach out to one another, recognizing individual and collective strengths and talents.

Products & Support: Our exceptional products and support set us apart.

Our products are not just effective, they are easy to teach and easy to learn. We make teaching and learning fun and engaging with hands-on materials that make us different. Our products are based on our knowledge of children, how they develop, and the steps that prepare a child to be successful.

Our customer support is extensive in scope and depth. Our customer interactions are friendly. Creating exceptional products, services, and support is at the heart of what we do. Making our products accessible enables us to serve the greatest number of children.

Simplicity: Simplicity creates clarity.

It takes more work and dedication to keep things simple, but it is an absolutely necessary pursuit for us. In a world of acronyms, business talk, high definition screens, and high gloss, we are standing firm.

We are resolute about not using fancy words or imagery that causes confusion. Instead, we use clear, direct, and uncomplicated language, design, and images—even font styles and sizes—so that we are understood, both by our customers and by each other.

Excellence: Pride in delivering excellence.

We strive to produce at our highest potential to ensure that everything we deliver is the best it can be. The outcome is excellence and deep pride in our work.

We persist in working on and doing things that produce results in the most reasonable, cost-effective, efficient, and practical way.

Collaboration: Our interactions are respectful and collaborative.

We believe the differences people bring enhance our work and our productivity. We respect different styles and each other’s uniqueness.

We work hard to build collaborative relationships through candid communications and consistency of actions. We are straightforward and trustworthy.

Evolution: Evolution is imperative.

We drive change by having the courage to change course. Sometimes we change to improve something—our products, our relationships, our efficiencies. Sometimes we change to pursue a new opportunity or to meet a market challenge. When the opportunity or need for change comes our way, we work to embrace it.